The First Post

In 440 days and some hours the clock will strike midnight and I will be 50 years of age. This is not a lot of time. And, some people think that tracking the time is silly, ridiculous or obsessive. It may be all three. However, I have a list of things that I want to accomplish. These objectives to be valid need to be: measurable, actionable and time-based. And, now they are. A major problem I noticed as I embarked on this Life Cleanse journey to reset a lot of my life is the lack of time constraints. It is frowned on, by “society” to place time constraints on our life objectives. No one thinks about death. But we should. Even the late Steve Jobs noted how important a role death plays in our life. Knowing there is an end down the road should provide some urgency. It took me 48 years plus to have that urgency.

I am treating the next 440 days much like I would any business objective for a client.

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